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  • This is a very common question!
    Very broadly, anything where you are trying to measure something. We try to be inclusive and would love applications from any field or background! If still feel unsure, please feel free to contact us.
  • What if my bursary application is unsucessful?
    In our Resources page, we have highlighted some potential alternative sources of funding for you. If you no longer wish to attend EAP, please contact us.
  • Who can apply for your bursary?
    Any body can apply for our bursary. However, it is only applicable to our Emerging Analytical Professionals conference.
  • How do I apply for your bursary?
    Please click here to access the bursary form. When you submit your application, you must include your abstract. This submits your abstract for consideration for a place in your choice of an oral or poster presentation. You may wait until you find out whether your bursary application is successful before registering (this should be soon after oral registration is closed). As long as you applied for a bursary before the registration deadline, your abstract will be considered. However, you must ensure to register after finding out the bursary results if you wish to attend, your place is not held until you do so. If you no longer wish to attend, please contact us and do not register. Alternatively, you may register before finding out the result of your bursary application.
  • When do I register?
    You may register before submitting your bursary application. However, you may wait until you have found out if your application was sucessful. Your abstract will be submitted for consideration as long as your bursary application was before the oral registration deadline. You must then register to attend, your place is not held unless you do so.
  • When should I pay?
    After you have registered, you may pay at any time before mid-April. However please consider paying as soon as you can, your place at EAP cannot be reserved until you do so! Invited speakers and sucessful bursary applicants do not need to fill out the payment form.
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